Vision & Mission


We aim of an India where every child completes his or her education irrespective of .

The vision of help a child is to:

  • Work as a catalyst in transforming the lives of underprivileged children and help them to achieve their dreams
    and live a successful life.
  • Lead children and thus the society towards development.
  • Captivate the highest standards of technology and governance to innovate anddesign an excellent organization.


Help a Child is to empower underprivileged children through bringing them the means to educate and progress.
We are here to deploy the best possible methods to achieve and promote education for all irrespective of the
financial situation.


Help A Child aims to support ambitious students who want to break out of their current situation and

  • To find the means in giving financial support to the meritorious students who otherwise would be unable to
  • Encouraging girl students in particular to pursue higher education
  • Provide all materials and assistance required for scholastic advancement
  • To provide counseling, tutoring, mentoring, support and access to career opportunities upon completion of studies
  • Effecting change on both village and national level by demonstrating the positive effects of higher education
  • Motivate and encourage sponsorship for promising students