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Photographs of students in their surroundings with their parents / guardians.
Triveni Mandi, High School Student, with one of the saris she weaves outside of her college hours.
Laxmi Ulligaddi, Diploma Student, inside her family’s house with the academic trophies she has won.
Sunanda Hospetti (Diploma of Education) with her parents outside their hut.
Sujata Bisnal’s hut
Shivananda Pattanshetti, High School student, inside his uncle’s house, where he stays with his mother.
Sujata Bisnal, B.Ed, M.A. student and first child to be sponsored by Help a Child with her grandmother outside the hut they live in
Kavita Kalal, High school student, and her younger sister in the small room they share with their two brothers. The children are orphaned and cared for by Kavita.
Dundappa Badiger, Diploma Student, and his family members outside their house.
Shivanand Kumbar, Master of Veterinary Science student with the potting wheel his family uses to produce pots.
Kavita and her sister Vidya outside the house.
Shafiq Nadaf, Bachelor of Engineering student, with his parents inside their small house/shop.
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