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Shalaka Gunda
Master of Computer Applications
Shalaka is a bright young girl residing in Mahalingapur village of North Karnataka. Her father passed away 6 years ago, her mother works as a tailor and her sister collects interest on loans on a commission basis.
Shalaka came from a moneyed family background, but after her father’s death, the mother and two daughters were left financially unstable. Slowly, all their savings were exhausted in paying back a loan of Rs. 40 Lakhs that Shalaka’s deceased father had taken and eventually came a time when Shalaka’s education could not be supported by her mother and sister’s earnings.
Shalaka since always was focused enough to do well in her life and with financial as well as moral support from HelpAChild, she completed her Bachelors as well as Masters in Computer Applications with flying colors.
She has battled her way out of misery and troubles, and is now actively searching for a job in the metro cities. Shalaka aims at bringing back the lost smile and warm glow on her mother’s face and is on the road to independence and to being every bit of the dynamic and confident young girl that her mother aspires her to be.
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