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Kavita Kalal
Post Graduation in B.Ed
Kavita, a resident of Lokapur village in Karnataka is an orphan and she used to stay in a room provided by her relatives. She used to clean people’s houses every day before school in order to make some money to support her education as well as to provide for her family. Being the eldest in her family, the responsibility of her siblings fell on her shoulders at a very tender age.
After getting a scholarship from HelpAChild, Kavita has completed her pre university course, graduation as well as her post graduation in B.Ed. As of now, she is preparing for competitive examinations and wants to pursue her M.A. after this. She is also teaching her neighbor’s children so as to encourage young children to focus on their education and to not drop out of schools, however tough situations in life become.
Juggling between household chores and studies, has now emerged a bright and confident young lady, Kavita. She is now an independent woman who has risen above from the shackles of poverty and has educated herself to ensure that her family’s future is also secured.
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