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Channamma Bugadi
B.B.A. Student
Ms. Channamma Bugadi, a resident of Jamakhandi in Karnataka lost her father due to his alcoholism at her very tender age of 2 years. Since then, she has been staying with her maternal uncle and her mother. Post her father's death, making ends meet was difficult for Channamma's mother who is a daily wage labourer and as a result, Channamma's education suffered grave consequences.
With scholarship aid from HelpAChild, Channamma is now pursuing her B.B.A. and her is in her final year. She aims to do M.B.A. after this.
She is a bright and bubble young girl who makes sure that not a single day is a sad one in her mother's life.
Channamma has paved her path to success admist the miseries that surrounded her.
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