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Ritesh Billur
Bachelor of Engineering
Mr. RiteshBillur, a resident of Jamakhandi is a bright boy who had to face many hardships in his life to reach to the position where he is today.
His father passed away when he was in 2nd standard and his mother left his home. Ritesh’s uncle tried to support him, but his income from weaving was not substantial. He stays with his uncle and aunt.
With scholarship aid from HelpAChild, Ritesh went on to complete his Bacherlors in Engineering(B.E.) and is now successfully employed by the Federal Bank in Bagalkot district.
Ritesh, from his earnings and a house loan, has now also started the construction of a two storey bungalow for him and his family. He is also an active donor to HelpAChild now and his vigor and enthusiasm towards the cause is indeed commendable.
He has truly proved what giving back to the society means.
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